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Welcome to Local Tanning Salons. We will help you find tanning salons that are committed to providing our customers with an unsurpassed level of service, and that believe that building strong loyal trustworthy relationships with their customers is the key to our success. Find elite-tanning salons that offer relaxing yet high tech atmospheres to clients.

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Find tanning salons whose goal is to make sure that every time you visit you can count on having a pleasant and positive experience. Find salons that offer a clean, relaxing atmosphere and feature the most up-to-date tanning equipment and products the industry has to offer.

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Drop by your local tanning salon for pricing and information about tanning packages. Many local tanning salons offer a variety of tanning packages to choose from, including individual sessions, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual memberships. Find tanning salons where you will always be greeted by a professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff that will be happy to assist you in selecting a tanning package and products that best suit your tanning needs.

The finest and smartest place to acquire your tan and determining the proper exposure schedule, and the best tanning package to fit your needs based on your specific skin type is important. Controlling both the type and amount of UV light exposure you receive in your local salon is also very important.

Find tanning salons that offer the latest in high-quality beds to maximize your tanning experience. Tanning beds are divided into several categories, from Excellence to Ultimate, to provide a wide variety of tanning options. You just decide which bed is best for you, or use a combination of different beds to achieve the results you want.

  • The best beds to slowly build your base tan! Most tanners find tanning beds to be the most effective for developing a rich-looking tan. Tanning beds use quality tanning lamps, specifically designed to bronze rather than burn.
  • The best beds for longer-lasting results! Advancing a stubborn tan or tanning all over with no lines requires well-rounded and higher levels of UV-A, facial lamps and a surround tan lamp design, we know one thing - you will be thrilled with the results.
  • The best bed for deep-tanning results! High-Pressure lamps produce deep tanning at its best, with surround tan lamp placement including shoulder tanners and a self-contained air-conditioning system to keep the tanner cool.

High Pressure Tanning

High Pressure tanning gives you 6-8 times faster results, extremely low burning rays, much more comfortable, longer lasting tan, fewer tan lines and less drying on your skin. High pressure lamps produce UV-A and UV-B in different ratios than conventional tanning units; just enough UV-B to stimulate the melanin production required and a lot of UV-A to really oxidize that melanin and turn it golden brown. High Pressure tanning for fair-skinned people is the only way to achieve awesome results in a short period of time without worrying about burning.

High Pressure tanning is the quickest way to get a deep, golden color and the results are much longer-lasting. Therefore, for most people, great color can be achieved in as little as 3 sessions with only 2-4 sessions per month necessary to maintain a luminous bronze. Furthermore, the lower UV-B output of high pressure does not cause as much drying of the skin and does not accelerate the exfoliation process as in conventional tanning.

Sunless Tanning

Spray-on tanning booth gives you a consistent looking tan and the world's quickest tan. Find tanning salons that provide you with the latest technology, resulting in the best possible tan, with features and improvements that allow you to choose unique tanning formulas that are right for you, including tanning booths that are completely touch-free.

Just hold your hand in front of a sensor to operate the booth door and to start your session. In under a minute, you'll walk out of the booth with a perfectly natural-looking tan. A perfectly uniform, natural looking tan in seconds!

Questions About Tanning

What is a tanning booth?
A tanning booth is a private, self- contained unit that employs a spray process to apply a uniform amount of tanning solution to the entire body in just seconds. When the tanning session is complete, the tanner simply steps out of the booth, towels off any excess mist, dresses and exits. The result is a smooth, natural-looking tan.

What tanning technology is new?
A process that uses the human body's own magnetic properties to attract a tanning solution to every exposed surface of the skin. When the tanning solution passes through the spray nozzles in a tanning booth, the micro-particles of solution are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets.” These particles adhere evenly to the skin to create a smooth, natural-looking tan.

Will my skin look orange?
Not at all. Before, most self-tanners were creams and lotions applied by hand. That meant inconsistent coverage. Too much lotion applied in one place left the skin looking orange. Not enough lotion left unattractive streaks. Hand held spray-on applicators tend to run and also cause streaking. New sunless tanning techniques ensure that a uniform micro-spray tanning solution covers the entire body in the exact amount required to produce a natural-looking tan.

What should I wear in a tanning booth?
Most people wear nothing. Since the room is completely private, going for an all-over tan is completely up to you. However, if you do wear a bathing suit or underwear, please note that it may become stained. The instant bronzer we use is water-soluble and should wash out, but the DHA we apply may permanently stain what you wear during the tanning session.

Will my skin be wet when I step out of the tanning booth?
The mist applied in the tanning booth is moist and very fine. Tiny droplets remaining on your arms or legs after the session are easily removed by toweling dry. Don’t worry about wiping off the solution. Toweling won’t streak your tan, and any solution that wipes onto the towel is excess and will not effect your tan. Just towel off the same way you do when you take a shower. Be sure to towel off completely before getting dressed.

How long should I wait after a tanning session before showering?
To give the sunless tan enough time to fully set, wait a minimum of 4 hours after tanning. Showering sooner may diminish the intensity of the tan. When you do shower, the temporary water-soluble bronzer will wash off, but your longer-lasting tan will remain.

Should I cover my hair while tanning in a tanning booth?
Many customers wear a disposable shower cap, provided by your local salon, to keep solution from getting into their hair. Other customers tan without covering their hair, because the solution does not penetrate the hair follicle.

Will swimming affect my tan?
Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can bleach the tanning results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering or physical activities will not affect the quality of the tan.

What should I wear in the tanning bed?
Each tanning bed is in a private room, so you can wear whatever is most comfortable.
However, remember that there are areas of your body that have not been exposed to any UV light and will require additional precautionary measures.

Do I have to wear eye protection?
Yes, law in most states requires it because eyelids are not thick enough to protect your eyes from UV damage. As required by state law, your local tanning salon will provide approved eye protection.

How long before I start seeing results?
Tanning is a process and therefore does not happen instantly. It takes up to 6 hours for your tan to surface. Most people start seeing a good base tan by the fourth or fifth visit depending on exposure times and tanning schedule.

Do all skin types tan or burn in the same amount of time?
Not all skin types are alike. Some people tan more easily than others or burn more easily than others. For example, a Skin Type 1 person with fair skin, red hair and freckles will burn easily, resulting in peeling and blistering without any indication that he or she has tanned. On the other hand, a Skin Type 4 person with dark hair and olive skin will tan very well and quite easily even with a minimal amount of sun exposure.

Do people with medium to dark skin ever burn?
Although people with medium to darker skin tend to tan more easily than others, they can still get sunburns. They can also suffer from overexposure to UV-light. It is still important for these skin types to use sunscreens and avoid being in the sun longer than they need to be.

Tanning Products

Local Tanning Salons will help you find the best tanning salons that carry a full line of lotions. Lotions help speed up your tanning process. They come in many different forms and are intended for different stages in the tanning process. They contain vitamins and nutrients that keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Lotions range from different prices. Remember, the more expensive the lotion, the better the moisturizers. Find a staff that will assist you in choosing the lotions that are right for you in the different stages of your tanning process.

  • Exfoliating:

To achieve maximum tanning results, take a shower or bath and exfoliate your skin before each tanning session. Exfoliating rids your skin of dead cells that can dull your color and prevent it from retaining moisture. You should not exfoliate immediately after tanning.

  • Building a Base Tan:

This is where you start the tanning process. You need to begin with an accelerator lotion that can effectively stimulate melanin and moisturize your skin. Accelerators help you absorb UV rays better, while keeping your skin moist and soft. When you are tanning indoors or outdoors, moisture evaporates from the skin tissue. Good lotions contain moisturizing agents that help improve moisture and softness of your skin. This helps to prevent skin damage and premature aging.

  • Darkening Your Tan:

Once you have achieved your base tan, you need to step it up to a maximizer or bronzer. these products are designed for those with an established base tan. Maximizers contain accelerating-intensifying ingredients. Bronzers combine self-tanning agents with accelerating-intensifying ingredients. The amount of self-tanning ingredient varies by product. Lotions at this stage should continue to provide moisturizers. Moisture and skin care is important during all stages of the tanning process.

  • Advancing Your Tan:

Once you have reached your plateau, you should advance your lotion to a tingle or a tingle with a bronzer. Tingle products use various ingredients such as Benzyl or Methyl Nicotinate to stimulate circulation at the skin surface, thereby temporarily increasing blood flow. Oxygen is very important in the tanning process and this is what the tingle performs, it brings the oxygen to the surface of the skin. The more oxygen your skin gets, the darker your tan will get. The degree of stimulation varies by product. Some products contain low tingle formula, while others contain high tingle formula. Fair and sensitive skin individuals as well as base building tanners should avoid the use of these products. Sensitive skin amplifies the effect which increases reddening and makes the tingle feel more like a burning.

After you have been tanning for a while and stop getting darker, try returning to an accelerator for 3-4 sessions then go back to your Darkening or Advanced Lotion. Your body may become immune to your darkening or advanced lotion and you may have to go back to the beginning tanning process to overcome this. After you have used the same lotion or brand for a while, many times if you change to another you will notice improved results. It's kind of like shampoo, once you switch, that new brand works awesome.

  • Applying the lotion:

Apply tanning lotions before your tanning session. It is recommended that you apply tanning lotion one hour prior to your tanning session to allow your skin to absorb the lotion for best results. Always apply evenly. If you are using a bronzing agent, it is recommended you rub into skin in a circular motion to prevent streaking. Also, you must wipe your hands (between the fingers) and feet (between the toes) when using a bronzer because they may turn orange.

  • After Tan Moisturizers:

Although good tanning lotions contain adequate moisturizers, your skin continues to dry out between sessions. You should always moisturize your skin daily while you are tanning. It is recommended that you use after tan moisturizers as they have been designed to help extend the life of your tan.

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